Many of us long for van life. Meet Salted Carmela, my 1985 Westy & mobile podcasting studio. I make my way around Southern California, hosting Salted Spirit workshops and cultivating community for waterwomen. 

These salty workshops are designed to create, strengthen and nurture community, and highlight wellness tools for women. If you’re a woman who’s invested in wellness, surfing, entrepreneurial projects or self-care, I’m invested in you!

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How to Dampen the Scar Tissue, & rebuild mental and 
physical Health, Giselle Carrillo

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Breaking up w/ diet culture, a surfer's journey, zee v. gils


changing tides foundation, w/ becky mendoza

Salted Carmela Mobile Studio

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wellness for waterwomen  

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Virtual tea chats every Thursday morning. Guest speakers + community!

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"If a podcast, like a show on netflix, could ever be "binge heard", i can now happily say i binge on the salted spirit every chance i get!

stacie's engaging, inspiring, consciousness-raising program breaks through the daily information clutter and reaches your imagination, curiosity, heart and your desire to manifest both personal and communal change."

- Kristin L.

"On the technical side, Stacie obviously invested in high-quality recording equipment for her mobile recording studio, And her editing and question selection are excellent.

- Jackie B.

"Although I'm a guy and this podcast is geared toward waterwomen, I'm a huge fan of badassery, and badassery knows no gender.

I feel the podcast has made me a better person for the earth; I now look at trash on the street, plastic bags in the water, and tiny restaurant straws very differently! Knowledge is definitely power!"

- Jacob V.


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Join me in my mobile podcasting studio, Salted Carmela, an intimate space for other waterwomen circling up and sharing their stories.

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