My Personal Finances During COVID-19, A Look At My Day to Day Finances, and Where I Fell Short.

October 21, 2020

In breadcrumb episode #4, I get wildly intimate about my personal finances. It makes me a little uncomfortable, squirmy actually, which reinforces the fact that I should be talking about and sharing exactly this level of detail.

I literally took a screenshot of my budget (see below) and all of my numbers for October. Eek!

Most people are buttoned up, close lipped, not a chance talking about their finances.

But my mission is wellness for waterwomen, and financial education and financial wellness is a big part of what affects our physical and mental health, so let’s talk about this!

I’m disappointed finances continue to be such a taboo topic, especially during COVID-19. The walls are going up and up and up, even more so than they were before.

I invite you to take a look at my screenshot below. The number on the left is how much I’ve budgeted for the month ($1040, for example) for all of my day to day spending. The number on the right is how much I’ve actually spent.

For example, I’ve budgeted $700 for groceries, and so far in October I’ve spent $492.09.

Keep in mind this is only my ‘day to day‘ expenses, or what I consider essential to living. This doesn’t include my mortgage payment, what I’m contributing to savings, etc.

Let me be straight with you. I am far from managing a perfect budget, and this will likely be forever a work in progress. Finances are a really challenging topic for me, but I find that if I ‘peek’ at them every day, they become a lot less scary, sad, depressing or intimidating.

Even if your numbers feel depressing, at least you know what your numbers are! This allows you to start working towards a plan to pay off some of that debt, save a little more each month, spend a little less on GrubHub, etc.

With COVID-19 and as a new homeowner with big dreams for this place, there was no time like the present to get serious about my finances.

My mentality for most of my adult life was, “I could die tomorrow, live today like it’s your last day!” Well, that meant splurging on all the stupid shit that I really didn’t need nor did it make me happy; clothes, make-up, new cars, who cares!

I’d love to hear if reading this blog or listening to this breadcrumb episode was helpful or interesting to you, and what your biggest takeaway was from the video.

Please leave a comment here on my page, leave me a rating on iTunes, or share this on Instagram if this type of content is helpful to you and your own situation.

And don’t forget to tune into the breadcrumb episode to see where I really fell short in the month of October.

Thanks for reading!

  1. Tricia says:

    Thanks for sharing, friend!!! I’m historically horrible with my finances as well . Thanks for inspiring me!!!❤

    • Stacie Vanags says:

      Hi Tricia,

      So fun to get a note from you here! Thank you so much for reading my humbling little blog, let’s conquer our finances together! YEW!

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