Pinterest Obsession Turned Successful Candle Business: Kelsey Paz

May 14, 2020

Crafting her first candle at age nine, Kelsey Paz now heads her own successful candle company, Piece by Paz.  We’ll hear why her candles are good for the planet AND your health, and a little bit about getting rid of pesky ghosts with sage.

HIGHLIGHTS From The Episode: 

  • Alabama native heads West, does what everyone wants: starts successful eco-friendly candle business
  • From her first candle as a 9-year old to heading a company that repurposes wine and champagne bottles
  • What in the world is that tool in aisle 12 at Michael’s, and why that ‘bottle cutter’ might just spark your next great idea
  • The joys and challenges of an eco-friendly product, a.k.a. growing flowers with Kelsey’s product tags
  • Growing up in a family of artists, nightmare or inspiration?  Yes
  • How to dance the festival hustle and find your next wholesale partner
  • The pain points of candle making (no, it’s not melted wax burns)
  • Eating your veggies in a meaty, meaty world
  • Remember going out into the world to shop?  The advantages of seeing and touching what you buy
  • How you can open up to life lessons from Mom

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