Hawaiian Ocean Photographer Paving the Way for Female Photography: Sarah Lee

May 14, 2020

Listen to a thoughtful conversation with underwater ocean photographer Sarah Lee of Hawaii. Learn about her carefree childhood growing up on her grandparent’s coffee plantation, and go deeper (literally) into a world of deep blue ocean.

HIGHLIGHTS From The Episode: 

  • Growing up on her grandparent’s coffee plantation in Hawaii   
  • How to find good coffee around the world, and the best cup in Encinitas
  • Diving for fish on the rocky shores of Hawaii at age 5  
  • A self taught photographer, and buying her first camera at age 15
  • Photography before social media and the instant gratification
  • Why shooting underwater is drastically different than land
  • 4:20 and the meditative state of holding your breath underwater
  • Making the choice to put school on hold and travel the world
  • Sarah’s collaboration with Alison’s Adventures, and world travel adventure
  • Why you should follow your curiosity instead of your passion
  • Current camera gear, starting with simple gear and working your way up

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