How to Have Clarity In The Morning, & Purpose Throughout The Day: Christen DeLaney

May 15, 2020

Christen DeLaney’s business model prompts each customer to set an intention during online checkout. Tune into the episode to hear why. In a rich conversation with this Venice Beach  jewelry designer, you’ll learn how to build a cohesive and deep brand identity in a saturated and trendy fashion market.  

HIGHLIGHTS From The Episode: 

  • Creating jewelry with a Desert + Southern CA inspiration
  • Sending out “special juju” with every piece of jewelry
  • Leveraging your wedding or big event as a marketing strategy for your business
  • So, what are you doing later?  How to ask a fellow surfer girl to be your friend beyond the lineup
  • Meditation for beginners and creating a quiet home space to be your mindful place
  • Baby on board?  Make those nine months the most creative and intuitive time of your life
  • No more plastic toys.  Leading by example with your baby registry
  • Why a daily tea ceremony is good for your heart and head

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