The Oprah of Adventure: Alison Teal & a Plastic Pollution Mission

May 15, 2020

Adventure Filmmaker Alison Teal joins us from Hawaii after her morning surf with spinner dolphins.  She shares stories of childhood travel, and how her life has been one big ‘Alison’s Adventure.’ She talks about her appointed title; The Oprah of Adventure, and why you don’t need millions of followers to start something great. 

HIGHLIGHTS From The Episode: 

* Helping kids find hope and a little magic through Alison’s Adventures

* When Dad is a National Geographic photographer and Mom is a world-renown yoga instructor, you’re sure to be born on the floor of a Rocky Mountain cabin 

* Earning her nickname as the female Indiana Jones, Alison is on a globe-hopping quest to save our planet

* Staying grounded and connected with nature, even in the entertainment business

* How Alison’s iconic pink surfboard bridges the cultural gap in remote areas

* Making your own Big Hairy Audacious Goal

* Our ocean has a plastic problem; changing daily behaviors to make a difference

* The Shamans are talking about water and our next World War, and we need to listen.

* Only 78 followers?  No problem.  Why you don’t need millions of followers to start something great 

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