Recognizing What You Stand For And Being A Fierce Female Leader

May 15, 2020

Tina Segura, the former Chapter Chair for Surfrider Foundation, talks shop from her breezy pad in Santa Monica. We’ll hear how Tina’s early life stumbles led her straight into law school and a life of helping others. Learn how to pursue a leadership role as a female, and how to stay silly in a stressful world.

HIGHLIGHTS From The Episode: 

  • Tina’s Boss: “No, you can’t do that.”  Tina: “I am going to kick ass and take names.” 
  • Llama selfies & Tina’s near-death experience 
  • Realizations of a former smoker: smoking hurts our ocean & how we can help
  • The special challenges faced by today’s powerful female leaders
  • When the world gives you stress, give the world back some silly
  • Receiving good vibes and power from like-minded people
  • The art and twisted joy of practical jokes 

Links / Resources

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* Surfrider LA Facebook:

* Tina’s Segura’s Instagram:

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