Gut Health, Life In The Dusty Mines As A Female Health Coach, And Shredding In Nicaragua

May 15, 2020


HIGHLIGHTS From The Episode: 

  • Meeting on a dirt road in Nicaragua, and how we become lifelong friends
  • Gypsy life in the Australian mines as a female Health Coach
  • The testing conditions of the mining community; mental health, substance abuse and general health issues
  • Unfolding six months of world travel, and how to settle back in after you return
  • The surf conditions of Playa Colorados in Nicaragua, and being a female in a fast lineup
  • The launch of Eat Wise Nutrition, and running a successful health consulting business online
  • Helping people that are a million miles away
  • Education about ‘fake’ foods, and the importance of gut health
  • Why you should skip the Lucky Charms

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