15-Year Old Activist, How to Take Your Love For Something To An Unthinkable Level

May 15, 2020

Listen to an eye opening conversation with an Orange County High School Student taking ocean preservation to the next level.  Hear about her involvement as a volunteer with Surfrider Foundation, Heirs to our Oceans and how she founded her own local chapter. Receive insight into how to take action and protect what you love, and think beyond your instagram account, and instead how your children and grandchildren can enjoy the ocean in the next 50 years. 


HIGHLIGHTS From The Episode: 

  • An introduction to whales in science class inspires this 15 year old beyond words   
  • Chloe’s work with Surfrider’s “Ocean Friendly Restaurants” campaign, and how restaurant owners respond to a teenager’s pitch to go green 
  • Wise insight at a young age and how consumers have the “invisible hand”
  • Chloe’s work with Heirs to Our Oceans, and how she founded her own local chapter
  • What’s the big deal about plastic straws?
  • How her peers react to her community involvement and thinking outside the box
  • The idea of product redesign
  • How to pitch a campaign at age 15 to a group of executives 
  • How to get your teenager off the couch, to doing something meaningful and protect what they love
  • The future of Marine Biology: The possibility this will not be a career path if there is nothing left to study
  • Too young to vote, but taking action beyond most adults

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