How To Survive 6 Months At Sea, And Shifting Your Mindset For The Optimal Experience

May 15, 2020

Listen to an inspiring conversation with a New Zealand woman who decided to follow her dreams, and spend 6 months at sea with a team of men collecting ocean research. Learn how to take an eye opening travel experience to an unthinkable level, and how to acknowledge patience and accept people for who they are by changing your personal mindset.


HIGHLIGHTS From The Episode:  

  • Growing up in New Zealand, and swimming before she could walk
  • Six months at sea and adapting as one of the few females on the voyage
  • How you are a direct product of your environment
  • Why you should get your kids into a youth summit for experiential learning
  • If you have no limitations; money, skills, social expectations, etc, ask yourself this question; What would your dream job be?
  • A trip to pristine Asia shows the ugly side, and inspires Raquelle’s life’s work
  • How to go to the bathroom on a boat; a natural bidet
  • Save the turtles! An unexpected find and the health issues when turtles don’t dive

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