Female Athletes and Their Fight For Equality, with Shannon Quirk

May 15, 2020

Listen to a thoughtful conversation with Big Wave Surf Journalist Shannon Reporting. Hear about her transition from San Francisco to Hawaii, and the challenges and logistics of being a female surfer fighting for equality. Go deeper into how to train for mental and physical optimal performance, and how your girl tribe keeps you grounded.  

HIGHLIGHTS From The Episode:  

  • Everything you need to know about women’s big wave surfing
  • The time and money hustle of big wave female surfers
  • How to train your mind and body for life threatening acts
  • Apnea training, olympic breath holds and breath exercises (never do it alone)
  • How your female tribe keeps you grounded and stable
  • Why athletics as a kid cultivates courage in adulthood
  • Empowering women in all walks of life, to encourage leadership and a confident voice to speak up amongst men  
  • How to use social media and analytics to maximize your output

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