Meg Haywood Sullivan / Accepting Our Flaws & Letting Go of Perfection

May 15, 2020


  • Careening off a mountain; Meg’s childhood Vanagon stories
  • The essence of sisterhood 
  • Meg’s secret to happiness in one word 
  • The power of stillness 
  • The 37 min nap
  • A real conversation around climate crisis 
  • Let’s talk about meat 
  • How to tell a powerful environmental story
  • Accepting our flaws and letting go of perfection 
  • Forging a family vibe in a lonely city 
  • Snow & Surf: Changing the story for women 
  • How to make precious moments for yourself 
  • Finding balance while cracking the whip 

Links / Resources

Meg’s Website: Link

Meg’s Instagram: Link

Plastic Free Fridays Instagram: Link

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