Dirt, Grit and Descending as One: What it Takes to Embrace #Formation: Jill Kintner

May 15, 2020


Rising up together: Recap of #formation, hosted by Redbull

  • Turning pro at 14, and mastering everything along the way
  • Tools for coping when you’re feeling antisocial 
  • Jill’s earthy rituals before big competitions 
  • Why you should never skimp on your goals; The secret to winning 22 National Championships, a bronze Olympic medal and so much more
  • The power of a sports psychologist for athletes  
  • Identifying the ugly facets of your personality, giving them a name and embracing them
  • How to practice being scared 
  • Pivoting to diversify your passions beyond the sport so you don’t lose your identity

Links / Resources 

Jill’s Website: Link

Jill’s Instagram: Link

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