The Mental & Physical Benefits of Journaling; Write & Rip With Laura Rubin

May 15, 2020

Highlights from the Show

  • Introduction to journaling: Bullets and lists as a jumping off point
  • The 4x4x4 journaling exercise 
  • Bro journaling: The importance of journaling for men 
  • Laura’s tools for wellness, and the power of cooking 
  • The benefits of pine pollen 
  • Having a sense of awe, and the desire to serve others 
  • 17 years as an entrepreneur and what it takes to be unemployable 
  • Sneak peak at the AllSwell Deck, let’s draw! 
  • What’s in Laura’s reading nook?
  • Meeting a market demand, and how to continually evolve your brand 
  • Journaling as a collective group is supportive and fun
  • Write and rip, write and burn; The hesitation to journal, and strategies to break through the fear

Links / Resources 

AllSwell Instagram: Link

AllSwell Website: Link

AllSwell Workshops: Link

Trevor Noah, Born a Crime: Link

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