Water Wars, Climate Change, and 3 Ways to Take Action Today: Trace Lane

May 15, 2020

Highlights from the Show

  • “When a conflict is about water, it’s oftentimes actually about oil, or oil contaminating water.”
  • Bagua massacre in Peru – Link
  • Summary of Trace’s water work in Peru, India and Mexico 
  • Audience Question: How did you first meet water?
  • Trace meeting water on a surfboard in Mexico
  • Learning to respect water
  • The mission & vision behind Surf Sisters for Science 
  • History of surfing in Peru – insight from legendary Felipe Pomar
  • “We need to have a deeper understanding of water, more than just sustenance for the body, but as a cultural resource.” 
  • For some of us, it’s simply ‘rats I can’t go surfing,’ but for others its a deep ancestral connection and resource that has been disrupted by development, pollution and corruption. 
  • Ayahuasca – Trace’s experience with psychedelics in the jungle 
  • VOTE – Use your voice for the protection of water, protection of our environment, and refuse to give up these precious resources for profits 

Links / Resources 

  • Surf Sisters for Science: Link
  • Trace’s Instagram: Link
  • Before the Flood: Link
  • Mission Blue: Link

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