An Exquisite Metamorphosis: Nix Joubert

May 15, 2020

Highlights from the Show

  • Life on a houseboat
  • Nix’s Exquisite Metamorphosis 
  • Using joy, light and grit to play with it all
  • Letting go of those who aren’t going to take you in the direction you need to go
  • Surviving cancer, infidelity, and navigating as a single parent: Stay soft and loving
  • Tools for surviving cancer; surfing her way through radiotherapy 
  • Exploring your internal vs external landscape
  • Your breath as your life force, your best friend. It can save you from saying something you’d regret, save you in the waves. 
  • We as humans don’t want to acknowledge the parts we don’t like, but they’re still there. The coolest thing with meditation is that it’s like going into the attic with a torch, just shining a light to see what’s in there, love all of what’s in the attic.
  • If you’re trying to learn Portuguese, you’re not going to take one lesson on Duoling and be an expert overnight 
  • Refuse plastic! Buy a bamboo toothbrush today! 

  • Links / Resources 
  • Nix’s Instagram: Link
  • Nix’s Website: Link
  • Megan Curry Yoga: Link
  • Plastic Free Roseland: Link
  • Andy Cotton Link: Link

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