Financial Wellness for Waterwomen: 30 Minute Crash Course With Finn Ni Fhaolain, Creater of

January 18, 2021

Today’s episode is a live recording with my friend Finn from Ireland, you may recognize her from the ‘gram as Finn earned a Bachelors degree in Earth and Ocean Science, and went on to pursue her Masters in Marine Biology.

While she’s entirely committed to her work supporting ocean health, we also got a healthy dose of a different kind of wellness for this episode, something near and dear to all of our hearts, financial wellness. Finn talks about the deep stigma of money in Ireland, and how she was determined to do things differently. She formed an intimate Whatsapp group with other women where they could share tips and tricks for investing, and talking more openly about finances. Finn shares the Youtube channel that got her started, called the Financial Diet, and two must-have books for 2021 as well, noted in the show notes here! I hope you enjoy this episode, and leave us a comment and let us know one thing you are doing to improve your financial wellness in 2021!

The resources Finn mentioned in our Chat:

  1. The Financial Diet youtube channel and website.

2. Find a local business support network or lean into an accountability/celebration group with a few friends.

3. Connect with bank manager/advisors (typically free) or find a good certified accountant.

4. Book by Erin Lowry – Broke Millennial

5. The calculation on figuring how much you “need” to be happy – was from Jen Sincero’s first book You Are a Badass. 

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  1. Cindy o beirne says:

    [email protected]…brilliant stacie ..I loved ♥ the podcast .thank you. I am going to look up the( financial diet )YouTube channel….its been so informative x
    And look up the books finn talked about .

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