How to Dampen the Scar Tissue, & Rebuild Mental & Physical Health, w/ Giselle Carrillo

March 7, 2021

Giselle Carrillo is a first generation daughter of immigrants from Mexico, born and raised in East LA. She recounts how sports were non-existent growing up, and she was pre-diabetic by age 24. Giselle shares her quarter life crisis at 25, when it all began to change, starting with her first surf lesson.

We dive into what creating a new journey of health and wellness looks like when someone doesn’t have the tools at their disposal from a young age. She also shares how she stepped into the role of caretaker, the joys and challenges she has navigated, and how there’s no onboarding manual to caregiving. Giselle’s latest passion project is El Barrio Athletic Club, a space she created in her garage for her local community to learn physical health and nutrition, because health is a human right, and everyone deserves the chance to understand how to take care of their bodies.

Giselle’s Instagram: Link

Courage Camps Instagram: Link

El Barrio Athletic Club: Link

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