How to Have the Audacity & Confidence to Make a Dent in Something You Care Deeply About.

January 24, 2021

Linzi Hawkin is an expert brand strategist & environmental educator living in a tiny house on a tiny island. She’s obsessed with all things ocean, and happiest when she’s in, on or under water. Linzi is the founder of Protect Blue, an ocean focused creative agency as well as SUPKids, an environmental education program for kids on SUP’s. She’s also the co-founder of Wavemaker Collective, where social innovation & creativity meet the sea.

Her love for all things ocean & outdoors has not only defined the path she’s walked in life, but also the methodology she’s created for her client work. She works to remove us from screens & boardrooms, and instead plug us into nature to spark curiosity and remind us why our work matters.

She also breaks down the myth that in order to make an impact on the ocean, you have to be a marine biologist, a scientist, etc. We need everyone to be part of this story, including the storytellers and the scientists, the artists and the technology creators. Because this work needs to be translated into many different languages. Not physical languages, but how people interpret and digest these stories.

In this 30 minute episode, Linzi breaks down the 4 principles of self efficacy, as presented in Bandura’s Theory, visual below. Grab a pen and paper because this is a crash course in purpose you’re not going to want to miss.

  1. Mastery experiences
  2. Vicarious experiences
  3. Verbal persuasion
  4. Physiological Feedback

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