On Deconstructing, and Putting the Pieces Back Together. Grief, Loss, Laughter, and Honoring a Fierce Waterwoman.

January 31, 2021

Soraya Simi is a documentary filmmaker, photographer, and writer. Her work focuses primarily on themes surrounding human resilience and the ocean. Soraya just returned from four months in Nazaré, Portugal, home to one of the biggest waves on the planet, a geomorphologic phenomenon, where she shared she was “deconstructing, and putting the pieces back together.”

Soraya recently suffered a tragic loss, that of her friend Angela Madsen, who was a 3x Paralympian, 14x Guinness Book of World Record holder, Marine Veteran, World Renowned ocean rower, and she was aiming to be the oldest woman to successfully row from Los Angeles to Hawaii, with no motor, unassisted. Solo.

Angela courageously made it 60 days into her journey, exactly halfway between LA and Hawaii, before she passed away at sea. Soraya shares how she was involved with Angela’s intimate project, how she was affected by this tragic loss, and how she’s moving forward to honor her friendship with Angela and her brave story.

Soraya’s Instagram: Link

Soraya’s Website: Link

Angela Madsen’s Instagram: Link

Angela Madsen in her happy place, in the water.

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