The Sober Curious Movement: Boundaries With Alcohol, And The Improvements That Followed. w/ Courtney Condy.

September 22, 2020

Courtney Condy is the quintessential young, vibrant 20-something embracing adventure around the world. On any given day you can find her surfing, hiking a 14er, or shooting exotic photography around the world. She started her own adventure travel brand called Occupation Wild in 2018, and is a successful podcast host. The idea for this episode started with a simple Instagram DM where I asked for mocktail recipes, and Courtney energetically responded. She shared she has been “sober-curious” for a year, and this sparked a few key questions. “What’s it like to be sober at 29? How do your friendships and pastimes change? What can we learn about alcohol earlier in life? Should I be sober?”

So Courtney and I recorded a podcast and had a very intimate chat about something that touches all of our lives in some way, shape or form. Courtney shares her very personal mental health journey with anxiety and PTSD, the benefits of being sober, establishing boundaries with alcohol and a place to start today. We talk about sober dating and no longer leaning into liquid courage, how friendships change and how overall health and vitality improves.

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