"In order to help our oceans and our planet, we need to first help ourselves."

The goal of these workshops is to come together as a water community and encourage healthy habits for our emotional well being, our physical bodies and our salty spirits. In order to help our oceans and our planet, we need to first help ourselves.

wellness for waterpeople

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it's the first time sharing our fixer upper with a group of salty friends, and I couldn't be more excited that it's you! 

We'll start the morning with a 10 minute wild swim in the harbor, followed by breakfast, tea and coffee socially distanced on our land. 
Let''s be safe, but let's reform community. 

Wild Swim +
tea experience

Sunday November 22nd

For this workshop with Captain Liz Clark, we walk through a virtual guided daydream where we craft our own nautical adventure. Imagine being the Captain of your own ship. Where would you go? Who would you bring? Grab your art supplies and get ready to draw our maps together!

CAPTAIN LIZ CLARK: ON being the captain of your own ship

Past Workshop

Kristin is a surfer, yoga instructor, writer and puppy mama living in Florida. In this workshop, she shares her experience firsthand with contracting COVID-19, and isolating alone at home for weeks on end. She shares the physical and emotional rollercoaster of COVID-19, and how her dogs kept her motivated to keep fighting. 

a surfer's survival story with covid-19

past workshop

Do you have a relationship with your breath? In this workshop, we learn how to develop or strengthen our existing relationship, backed by the scientific and emotional benefits of a breathwork practice. If you've always been intimidated by breathwork or need a place to start, this workshop with Nix Joubert is a great place to start today.

The Physical and Mental Benefits of Breath-work

Past workshop

From growing up with gunshot holes outside of his bedroom window, to sharing the stage with Deepak Chopra, Justin Michael Williams leads us through a guided daydream, and shares the power of healing through an introduction meditation.

Ground Into Your Own Wisdom: A Dream Meditation


Dust off your favorite art supplies and source your inner ocean inspiration for this session! Also enjoy a lovely drum session / poem reading with Olivia! 
With Olivia VanDamme & Kristina Young 

Ocean Inspired Artist Session


Join us as we tap into tools in your own kitchen to build a healthy immune system for your mind and body! With Marissa Jedell, Nix Joubert, & Giselle Carrillo

Embracing Social Isolation With Healthy Habits 


"If a podcast, like a show on netflix, could ever be "binge heard", i can now happily say i binge on the salted spirit every chance i get! stacie's engaging, inspiring, consciousness-raising program breaks through the daily information clutter and reaches your imagination, curiosity, heart and your desire to manifest both personal and communal change."

- Kristin L.

"On the technical side, Stacie obviously invested in high-quality recording equipment for her mobile recording studio, And her editing and question selection are excellent. As for the guests, they are remarkable women living their best lives breaking through all kinds of barriers. Stacie and her guests are all committed to preserving the oceans and earth - something we can all help accomplish!"

- Jackie B.

"Although I'm a guy and this podcast is geared toward waterwomen, I'm a huge fan of badassery, and badassery knows no gender. If you're interested in learning what it takes to become a status quo crusher and an all around inspiration, I'd highly recommend listening! I feel the podcast has made me a better person for the earth; I now look at trash on the street, plastic bags in the water, and tiny restaurant straws very differently! Knowledge is definitely power!"

- Jacob V.

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Join me in my mobile podcasting studio, Salted Carmela, an intimate space for other waterwomen circling up and sharing their stories.

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